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All Lifting Says ‘Stop The Drop’

It’s fair to say that you should take height safety seriously. You always enforce wearing safety harnesses; keep your height safety equipment up-to-date and ensure everyone follows the rules and site specifics. But are you missing out on another very important height safety issue? All Lifting says ‘Stop the Drop.’

What’s the issue? 
Being hit by a falling object is number three on the list for fatalities in the Australian workplace in 2017. It is a wonder why more people aren’t taking action. But here at All Lifting, we are all about action, and we are going to give you the low down on our ‘Stop the Drop’ equipment that can keep you, your employees, and bystanders safe from falling tools and equipment.

Is this really a big deal? 
Let’s address the elephant in the room. Is it really that big of a deal if someone drops a steel fitting from a height if everybody is wearing a hard hat? That’s what they’re worn for right? Correct. But unfortunately, due to our not so flattering friend gravity and the laws of physics, a hard hat is most likely not going to save you. But tethering your equipment to yourself will.

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So legally where do you stand?
If you or your employees are working from heights and not tethering your tools you could be breaking the law. It is the responsibility of the employer to supply their employees with reliable height safety equipment and protection to prevent injuries or casualties from falling objects.

What now? 
The simple yet effective method of securing your tools by tying to your wrist or tool belt will ensure the safety of all on-site without compromising your work capabilities.
Don’t have the authority to enforce this in your workplace yet? Sit down with your manager and insist that they invest in ‘Stop the Drop’ equipment. After all, there is nothing more important than safety.

Remember that height safety isn’t just about keeping your lifting equipment up-to-date, harnesses on hand and a hard hat on your head. Its small things like this that can make the world of difference.

Intrigued? Speak to one of our friendly staff about the ‘Stop the Drop’ range today!

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