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Lifting and Rigging Equipment: Is it Safe?

Lifting and rigging equipment safety check
Say you’ve landed yourself a big job that you have worked tirelessly to get and suddenly you’re let go because you can’t prove you’re lifting and rigging equipment is safe? All those hours of meetings and proposals wasted, but you’re adamant that you have quality lifting products. A completely avoidable situation.

A safety check for your lifting and rigging equipment may seem like less of a priority than the ever-growing to-do-list, but it is really important to keep up-to-date with these checks to ensure quality gear is being used in your company.

Check your gear regularly
Safe equipment ensures the protection of employees, clients and any bystanders that may be at risk of faulty lifting equipment. By checking your gear regularly, or as required, you will have peace of mind knowing your company is abiding by the Australian safety standards and if a workplace health and safety officer turns up, you’ll have your evidence readily available. So you’re in the clear. And as for that big job you landed, no problems there either. Nothing says reliable like a safety certificate right?

When should you do a safety check?
So how often do you need a safety check? Well, that depends on what it is. When owning a piece of lifting or rigging equipment, it is important to purchase the up-to-date version of the Australian safety standards for the relevant item. This will give you a detailed outline of the requirements including how often the item needs inspection, and what deems the item safe, as well as giving you the detail of correct use and maintenance.

So you know you need to check your lifting and rigging equipment, but what now? Well, in the Australian standards it will detail what requirements a ‘competent person’ must meet. Otherwise, give All Lifting a call if you’re ever unsure. We know safety and we know lifting!

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