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Regular Lifting Gear Inspections To Reduce Injury Risk

Types of lifting gears
Lifting gear includes a wide variety of hardware and accessories that are used between lifting equipment and the load to attach the load to the equipment. Common types of lifting gear include hooks, eye bolts, shackles, and clamps.

A common lifting gear application is single or multiple leg chain slings, that are assembled with either a Grade 80 or Grade 100 alloy chain and components. Grade 80 chain is the most commonly used lifting chain for sling configuration within the lifting industry.  Grade 100 chain has a 20% high lifting capacity. For easy identification Grade 80 chain and lifting gear accessories are available in a yellow painted finish. Grade 100 chain and lifting gear accessories are available in a blue painted finish.

Lifting Gear Inspection - All Lifting

Undertaking thorough lifting gear examinations
Lifting operations performed with lifting gear can often have a high risk of injury, and can be very costly when they go wrong. It is important to undertake thorough examinations and inspections of lifting gear, to ensure maintenance is kept, and to verify that the equipment can continue to be safely used. Lifting gear inspections must be undertaken on a regular basis, by a person with adequate training, knowledge, skills and expertise.

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Frequency of inspection
Inspection frequency should be every 6 months for lifting gear or accessories, 6 months for equipment and associated lifting gear used to lift people, and 12 months for all other lifting equipment.  However, periodic inspections are often undertaken on monthly or quarterly basis or yearly basis, depending on the following influencing factors:

  1. Exposure to conditions that cause deterioration
  2. Long periods of inactivity
  3. Major modifications, replacement or repair of critical parts

All Lifting on-site inspection team
All Lifting have Australia wide on-site inspection and testing teams who will come out to your site and visually inspect all of your lifting gear and equipment.  Our inspection officers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your equipment requires repairs for any reason, our team will take it to our closest facility and have it repaired and re-certified as soon as possible.

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