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What Next If I Fail A Safety Check?

Failing your safety check
So you’ve gotten your lifting and rigging equipment together and you’ve just completed a safety check, only to realise one of your lifting slings has failed. Or maybe it was your shackle or even your fabricated lifting devices. What to do?

Can you still use it?
Your first question is probably, can I still use it? Once an item has been deemed unsafe, it is well, unsafe to use, so the short answer is no. There can be serious consequences if you use unsafe lifting and rigging equipment. Besides the obvious importance of keeping your workers safe, you also need to consider the legal implications for your company from a workplace health and safety perspective. Safety checks are designed to protect you, your company and it’s workers from unnecessary injury and legal disputes. Using unsafe gear may lead to the loss of jobs, work and a tarnished reputation that can’t be repaired. You may not think about it often, but safety checks are invaluable.

Can you keep it?
So does that mean you have to throw the equipment away? Not necessarily. In many cases, it’s a simple fix or repair and then you’re back on track. It may be as easy as contacting the inspection and testing service company that failed the equipment in the first place and getting a quote for repair. Alternatively, the Australian Safety Standards will give detail on the repair requirements for the item.

If the equipment is beyond repair, it is advisable that you replace the equipment entirely. Safety is a very serious issue, and with heavy lifting equipment having strict safety guidelines, it’s best to invest in new lifting and rigging gear. Better safe than sorry.

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