Double Pear Alloy Karabiner

by All Lifting
Shipping & Handling

The Double Series Karabiners are the new generation of HMS pear carabiner with 180 degrees technology and smooth action locking mechanism for maximum safety and operational freedom. The double series is the answer for those who work and climb left-handed or use both hands. With the innovative 180-degree spring rotation design, the sleeve that closes the gate can rotate in both directions. Conventional twist and triple locking karabiners can only be turned to the right. 

  • 24Kn 
  • Available in twist lock or triple action 
  • Constructed from Aluminium 
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Part Number: 1602H-173-TW twist lock 
  • Part Number: 1602H-173-TRI triple action 
  • Conforms with EN 12275-H:2013, EN 362-B: 2004, UIAA 121

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