Fluro Day Vest Yellow and Orange

by All Lifting
Shipping & Handling
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4602
  • No reflective tape – suitable for day use

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Part # Price Inc GST Colour Size
PPESDV02LM $9.96 Yellow M
PPESDV02LL $9.96 Yellow L
PPESDV02LXL $9.96 Yellow XL
PPESDV02L2X $9.96 Yellow XXL
PPESDV02L3X $9.96 Yellow XXXL
PPESDV02ORM $9.96 Orange M
PPESDV02ORL $9.96 Orange L
PPESDV02ORXL $9.96 Orange XL
PPESDV02OR2X $9.96 Orange XXL
PPESDV02OR3X $9.96 Orange XXXL

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