Rhinoguard Extrication Glove

by All Lifting
Shipping & Handling
  • Made from an innovative combination of advanced fibres
  • EN388 level 5 cut resistance
  • EN388 level 4 abrasion resistance
  • EN388 level 4 puncture resistance
  • ASTM F1342-05: 86 Newtons of puncture resistance
  • ASTM F1342-05 (modified) needle test: 4.1 Newtons
  • CPPT 4150 grams cut resistance
  • Leather reinforcement for high action areas
  • Needle protection on palm only
  • Water resistant

Industry Applications: Emergency services, Military metal forming and handling, Glass processing and handling, Security local authorities.

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Part # Price Inc GST (pair) Size
PPEGRH284-10 $166.85 L
PPEGRH284-11 $166.85 XL

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