offshore rigging lofts

Offshore Containers

All Lifting supply 20ft and 40ft offshore rigging lofts that offer a complete mobile warehousing solution. Our Offshore Containers with double door are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with requirements of the latest editions standards and regulations.

Certified & Tested to International Standards

All containers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with requirements of the latest editions standards & regulations:
DNV2.7-1 – Offshore containers
EN 12079 – Offshore containers – Design, construction, testing, inspection marking.
ISO 1161 – Specification of corner fittings for series 1 freight containers.
CSC – International convention for safe containers
DNV Standard

Lifting Equipment & Rigging Gear
Our Offshore R are custom designed to meet your requirements. Containers are fully stocked with certified lifting equipment and rigging gear, and we ensure sufficient stock levels are maintained.  Supplied standard with steel data plates and individual serial numbers.

Standard Container Workshop

  • 20ft or 40ft DNV Certified container
  • 18 x lifting points rated 1000kgs (mounted along the workstation roof)
  • 24 x lashing points rated at 2000kgs (mounted along the floor)
  • Webbing and Round Slings
  • Chain Slings
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • PP Rope
  • Hooks and Eyebolts
  • Safety Shackles
  • Lever Blocks
  • Chain Hoists

Container Image    container teaser

20ft Container with Double Door

Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Tare Weight Gross Weight
6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm 5838 x 2330 x 2255 mm 4400 kg  20,000 kg

40ft Container with Double Door

Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Tare Weight Gross Weight
12192 x 2438 x 2896 mm 11970 x 2330 x 2461.5 mm 7,000 kg  20,000 kg


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Height Safety Equipment

Height Safety Equipment

Height safety equipment is used to safely secure a worker who is required to work above 2 metres from the ground, in order to reduce their risk of injury if a fall is too occur. Fall arrest equipment is used to catch a worker if they fall. Restraint Equipment is used to prevent a fall from occurring all together.

The most commonly used equipment is the harness. Harnesses vary from a basic compliance harness, to specified applications such as tower worker, or confined space harness. Lanyards attach to the harness at one end, and an attachment point at the other end. They are available in many different configurations depending on the application. Ropes can also be attached to the harness, and come in different lengths depending on the size of the workspace. Attachment points are lines that the worker will attach onto while wearing a harness, and are available in both temporary and permanent.

Working safely at heights will depend highly on ensuring you have the correct planning, selection of equipment, installation, use and maintenance of equipment. Once planning is completed it is important to consult a Height Safety Specialist when selecting your height safety equipment.

Click here to find out about the services All Lifting offer in Height Safety Solutions.

Product Range

Harnesses and Belts, Fall Arrest Devices, Lanyards, Ropes, Karabiners and Hardware, Retractable Type Fall Arrester Devices, Rescue Devices, Mobile Anchoring Devices, Height Safety Accessories, Lifeline Systems, Permanent Anchor Points, Fall Arrest Devices, Work Boxes and Forklift Cages.

Click here to see our full range of heights, confined space and rescue products.

Industry Applications

Façade/Window cleaning, Construction, Roofer/Carpenter, Metal Construction, Scaffolding, Elevating/Mobile Work Platforms, Lift Construction, High Rack, Confined Space/Water waste, Permanent Fall Arrest Systems, Power Supplies, Power Transmission, Anti -Corrosion Coating, Telecommunication, Rope Courses, Rope Access/Rigging, Arborists, Police/Military/Special Forces, Rescue, Offshore Industry, Wind Power, Flat Roof.

Hire Lifting Equipment

Hire Lifting & Rigging Equipment

All Lifting has a wide range of lifting & rigging equipment to hire. We hire Man Boxes, Man Cages, Forklift Jibs, Load Cells, Forklift Container Ramps, Big Chain Slings, Concrete Clutches and more!

All Lifting specialises in Lifting & Rigging Equipment, so we’re here to provide you with the best advice for your lifting requirements. We service clients all over Australia and across a wide range of industries including: mining, gas, construction, shipping, towing, defense, engineering and more. We only provide high quality lifting and rigging gear from industry leading brands or products that we manufacture. Our Lifting & Rigging Equipment is inspected and maintained by us, prior to delivery so it’s ready for your immediate use.

To find out more, please call your nearest All Lifting branch on 1300 666 733.


Mobile Containter Management

Mobile Container Management

Mobile Warehousing and Testing Containers:

Our mobile warehouse service offers a specialised 20ft or 40ft container stocked with quality products and taken to a centralised location for your convenience. Can be transported anywhere in the world. Certified for sea transport.

Mobile Testing Container Features and Services:

  • Centralised space for testing, tagging, certifying and registering of lifting, rigging, recovery, PPE, materials handling and safety equipment
  • 12mtr (40ft) high bay container-  2.5 mtrs high
  • Tare weight is approximately 8,900 kg
  • Certified for sea transport
  • Fully insulated climate controlled work station
  • 90 tonne x 11 mtr horizontal mechanical test bed
  • 500kgs x 11 mtr extendable monorail crane to ensure no material handling issues
  • 18 x lifting points rated 1000kgs mounted along the work station roof
  • 24 x lashing points rated at 2000kgs mounted along the floor
  • An extensive Australian Standard and Manufacturers Guidelines library
  • Fitted with a 254 piece  tool kit
  • 4mtr work bench complete with drop saw and vice
  • Ability to hold up to 4 tonnes of working stock (8 x 44 gallon drums or 2 x pallets)
  • Complete with computer and printer
  • Turnkey solution for your legislative needs regarding LIFTING GEAR!!

Industry Applications:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Transport
  • Pipelines

Shutdown Management Services:

Combining our experienced and highly trained personnel with our extensive range of specialised equipment, we are able to provide you with the most effective solutions to reduce plant shutdown time. We can tailor our containers, products and services to suit your specific needs. Talk to us today for a quote.


On-site Inspection & Testing

Delivering NATA accredited inspections & NATA accredited load testing.

Our on-site inspection & testing team come out to your site and visually inspect all your lifting and rigging equipment. All inspections are followed up with an inspection register complemented by our T.E.A.M. online system.

Our T.E.A.M system provides you with online access to information regarding your equipment certification and inspection dates. It also gives you access to view the dates of when your next inspection is due.

If your equipment requires repairs for any reason, our team will take it to our closest facility and have it repaired and re-certified as soon as possible.

Our inspection officers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your safety is our priority. 


In-House Testing & Certification

Delivering NATA accredited inspections & NATA accredited load testing.

We offer professional and NATA accredited in-house testing & certification. All equipment tested comes with a test certificate complying with Australian Standards. All testing is carried out by our exceptionally trained staff.

Our inspection officers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for those clients who require such assistance.

Your safety is our priority. 


Engineering & Fabrication Services

Our team has the capability and experience to design, produce and custom make engineered lifting equipment to suit any lifting application. All engineered and fabricated products are inspected and tested prior to being released and complying with relevant Australian Standards.

To discuss your specific requirements call one of our friendly staff on 1300 666 733.

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Lifting Equipment Repairs -VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Lifting Equipment Repairs

Our highly trained staff inspect and identify any possible repairs that need to be carried out, repair it if necessary and then do a proof load test.

We repair, service and refurbish a vast range of lifting equipment including chain slings, plate clamps, lever hoists, lifting magnets, lever & chain blocks, fabricated items, magnetic particle testing, fall arrest blocks, crane hook blocks and re-swaging of wire ropes.

To talk to our expert and friendly staff about preventative maintenance that could save you time and money, call us on 1300 666 733.




Technical Support


All our staff are exceptionally trained so we can deliver the best products, training and service to our clients.

We have dedicated and skilled Inspection Liaison Officers, Technical Field Representatives and Advisors who have the experience and knowledge to ensure we are providing the highest quality products in the most cost effective way.

Our Technical Support Team can provide you with advice, recommendations and comprehensive solutions for all your lifting, rigging and height safety requirements.

Please call your nearest branch on 1300 666 733 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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Height Safety Solutions

All Lifting can consult & design a Height Safety System with effective Height Safety Equipment to suit your needs, a member of our Design team will conduct a risk assessment & make recommendations for any height safety requirements to comply with relevant safety standards. This can be achieved through a site visit, meeting with the architect, builder, maintenance team or just straight from your plans and provide you with an action plan. Our install team can install a Height Safety anchor point system to create a safe working environment for you and your employees. We offer a range of low maintenance fall protection systems to suit different environments.


  • Permanently installed Anchor Points
  • Ladder Access Systems
  • Walkways
  • Guard railings

Your height safety anchor point fall protection system is required to be re-certified every 12 months, to comply with current standards. Our team will inspect, test, certify & supply you with a complete report on your anchor point safety system.

We can arrange height safety and confined space training courses that can be tailor made to meet specific industry and company requirements. These courses can be undertaken either at a training centre, at the customers premises, and ensure that users are provided with intensive skills required for working at heights. The accredited training courses are designed to cover the full spectrum of training needs from basic refresher courses to in-depth 3 day training courses.

Contact All Lifting on 1300 666 733 to find out more about these courses.

Learn more: Height Safety Equipment

24 Hour Turnaround Time

24 hour turnaround time on urgent orders, repairs, crane re-roping and on-site testing & inspections.

We understand time is money. We understand time is precious. We understand time is important.

To find out more about how we can best serve you, call your closest branch on 1300 666 733.

*24 hour turnaround on orders is only valid for products in stock.

Load Cell Hire & Calibration

We have load cells with different capacities and configurations available for hire. Our load cells are NATA certified, fully tested and calibrated. When you hire a load cell we provide you with complete operating instructions.

Hire of load cells over 30tonne may be required to be accompanied by an All Lifting representative.

Please contact our friendly staff to discuss load cell systems and hire on 1300 666 733.