Shipping Container Workshop – custom designed to meet your needs

Shipping Container Workshop, rigging loft

Shipping Container Workshop:

A Shipping container workshop can be modified and customized to suit individual needs. There are a wide variety of container sizes to choose from, such as 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, and 53 ft containers. The two most common sizes are 20 ft and 40 ft containers and these are the most cost effective option.

Once you decide which size container you want you should start designing the outside of the container and exterior design. The first step is to pick a paint colour. Common colours include: black, blue, brown, green, grey, orange, red, tan, white, and yellow.

The next step is to install your container doors. corrugated steel single or double doors that slide on the internal or external of the container, regular personnel or man doors, glass single or double doors that slide on the internal or exterior of the container.

Lock boxes can be installed on your shipping container workshop to securely lock the container doors. They can be lightweight steel or a heavy duty high locking rods. A shipping container workshop also features a steel ramp placed at the edge of the door, which can come in a range of sizes.

The roof of a shipping container workshop can be modified to feature a domed or flat skylight and/or turbine natural sunlight from outside.Turbine roof vents can used to allow outside air flowing through your container workshop.  Vents can also be positioned on the sides of the container. Windows can also be installed in your workshop to the required size.

One you have finished planning the exterior of your shipping container you are now ready to make modifications to the interior workshop.  Shelving is designed to hang from the sides of the container. The shelves can either be installed on one or both sides of the container with a maximum of 4 shelves on one side.

Work benches or planning tables are made out of thick pieces of plywood and are suitable for any project in your shipping container workshop. They are made to withstand heavy machinery depending on the project that you are working on.

Storage racks, pipe racks, apparel racks, and bike racks are all able to be installed in your shipping container workshop to hang all kinds of objects such as rigging gear. Installing racks will make your container workshop look neat and organized.

Overhead lofts are designed to hang from the ceiling to store items that you don’t use everyday.  The overhead lofts provides extra storage room in your shipping container workshop and provide added storage space.

All Lifting offers a mobile warehouse service with specialised 20ft or 40ft container stocked with quality products and taken to a centralised location for your convenience. Can be transported anywhere in the world. Certified for sea transport. Call 1300 666 733 to talk to an expert today about a customized shipping container workshop to suit your needs.