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What Are Tower Cranes?

The cranes that are used to construct high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are called tower cranes. The base of a tower crane is usually a concrete slab that is fixed to the ground with large anchor bolts. As the crane gets higher and depending on the weight being lifted, supports are attached to the sides of the building. 

Tower Crane Parts

There are a number of different types of cranes but they generally are made up of

  • Mast: the main tower of the crane, made out of steel trusses 
  • Slew: the slew is located at the top of the mast, this is what allows the crane to rotate

How Are Cranes Constructed On Skyscrapers?

At the top of the tower is a slewing unit which allows the crane to rotate using its gear and motor. The answer to the question is really surprisingly simple. The crane builds itself up, level by level, using its own hoisting power. 

Tower Crane - All Lifting

Assembling a Tower Crane

To assemble a tower crane initially, a construction crew will use a smaller mobile crane to assemble the jib and machinery. The tower rises from the base and builds itself one section at a time. A top climber or a climbing frame is used for this process. It fits between the top of the tower and the slewing unit.

Explained simply:

  1. A weight is hung from the jib to balance the counterweight
  2. The slewing unit is detached from the top of the mast. Hydraulic machinery in the top climber pushes the slewing unit up
  3. The crane is lifted up (by the crane) another mast section into the gap that has been opened up by the climbing frame
  4. Once lifted it is bolted into place and a whole tower section taller

How To Disassemble a Tower Crane?

Before you begin to disassemble your tower crane, there are two different ways that it can be used. One: external, where the tower crane expands upwards on the outside of the building.Two: internally, generally erected inside the elevator shaft while the structure is built around it.

How Do You Remove The Crane From The Top of the Skyscraper Once Finished?

Simply reverse the process to disassemble. It will essentially disassemble itself.


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