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Chain and Fittings

All Lifting offers an extensive range of general purpose chain including rated trailer chain, anchor and marine grade chain, stainless steel chain, metal chain, and much more. Fittings and accessories for all of your chain needs are readily available. We also have numerous other chains available including grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain and grade 120 chain, along with transport and lashing chain and accessories.

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Chain Grade 70

All Lifting

Our Chain Grade 70 is designed with safety as the top priority, this high-quality chain is perfect for dragging with your 4WD or for use with hea...

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from $25.50

Grade 100 Chain

All Lifting

Our Grade 100 Chain is generally used for chain slings which has a higher lifting capacity when compared to grade 80 chain. The chain is manufactu...

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from $69.45

Grade 80 Weld On Hook

All Lifting

Our Grade 80 Weld On Hook is specially designed for safe lifting and securely locking during usage. It’s perfect for use on spreader beams, excavat...

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Grade 80 Coupling Self Lock Hook

All Lifting

Applications: Chain, wire rope and synthetic slings Conforms to As 3776 **Please note pin & sleeve sold separately**

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