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Lanyards & Pole Straps

A safety lanyard acts as the connection between a worker and their anchor point. Working at heights, lanyards and polestraps are a core part of lifeline systems, that are commonly used on constructions sites, roofs, and confined spaces. There are a variety of options available when choosing your lanyard including single leg, two leg, fixed length, adjustable length, retractable, elasticated and more. All Lifting offers an extensive range of height safety lanyards and pole straps which can be selected based on the work environment.

Skysafe Twin Lanyard

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Twin lanyard Shock absorbing Recreational use only Need more information on this product? Enquire here.

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BFD Shock Pack

All Lifting

The BFD personal energy absorbing range are designed to effectively arrest a fall whilst minimising the shock loads on the body. The "Tear Tape" te...

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