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All Lifting and Safety is the leading industrial brand when it comes to chain hoists, rigging equipment, lifting slings, lifting beams and much more. In fact we have over 1,500 products available. We also supply lever hoists, spreader beams, chain slings, chain blocks, chain testing, man cages, safety harnesses material handling equipment and shipping container workshops. 

All Lifting specialise in metal fabrication, crane commissioning, sling manufacturing, fabricated lifting devices, custom work box manufacturing and training and supervision of height and safety solutions. All Lifting is a facility offering in-house and on-site mechanical testing ISO/IEC 17205 and visual inspections in compliance with ISO 17020 Standards and Repair Services.

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Common Wire Rope Fittings You Need To Know

Explore the variety of wire rope fittings and wire rope terminations that come in different sizes, types and finishes. They are used in different conditions to secure the ends of wire rope and help prevent it from fraying.
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Being hit by a falling object was number 4 on the list of fatalities in the Australian workplace in the 10 years leading up to 2016, according to Safe Work Australia. It may seem that a light tool may not cause a great deal of damage. However, a 3kg hammer, dropped from 500 metres high will hit the ground with a force of 500kg! So, do you still think your hard hat will protect you?

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