Height Safety - All Lifting

All Lifting Says ‘Stop The Drop’

The number three killer on the list of fatalities in the Australian workplace in 2017 is being hit by a falling object. It’s fair to say that you should take height safety seriously. All Lifting says 'Stop the Drop.'
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Round Slings - All Lifting

Round Sling vs Web Sling: What's the Difference?

If you’re in the lifting industry, I’m sure you’ve heard of the round sling and webb sling. Lifting slings are essential when lifting heavy loads (not that we are dissing your 100kg bench press), but it can be hard to...

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Wire Rope Splice - All Lifting

Splice Up Your Wire Rope

Did you know you can splice your wire rope for completely different functionality? There are several reasons and methods on how to splice up your wire rope. Delve into this article to know more.
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Lifting and Rigging Equipment - All Lifting

Lifting And Rigging Equipment In High Demand

A boom in the mining industry will lead to more lifting, rigging and height safety, equipment being supplied as well as a higher demand for onsite safety inspection officers. Find out more here.
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Helideck Landing Net -All Lifting

What Is A Helideck Landing Net?

All Lifting have taken height safety to a new level with the helideck landing net. But what does this net actually do? Learn more about the helideck net use of preventing helicopters from rolling and skidding.
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Wire and Fibre Rope - All Lifting

Fibre or Wire Rope: Which One Is Best For You?

Fibre and wire ropes are used for different jobs. If you're in the market for new rope for your lifting, rigging or hoisting equipment but not sure whether fibre rope or wire rope is best for you, we break it down here.
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Safety Check - All Lifting

What Next If I Fail A Safety Check?

So you have failed your safety check, what now? It’s best to invest in new lifting and rigging gear. It always better to be safe than sorry. All Lifting has put together a foolproof guide to your next steps. Read on.
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Safety Check - All Lifting

Lifting and Rigging Equipment: Is it Safe?

A safety check for your lifting and rigging equipment may be less of a priority for you but safe equipment ensures the protection of employees, clients an more. At All Lifting we know safety and we know lifting!
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