Grade 100 Chain & Accessories

Grade 100 chain is approximately 25% stronger than grade 80, making it a preferred option for lifting sling components and overhead lifting. At All Lifting we have a full range of grade 100 chain and accessories including lifting swivel points, self-locking hooks, connector pins and more. Checkout our full product range below.
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Grade 100 360 Degree Swivel Eye Point

All Lifting

Made of forged alloy steel, quenched and tempered 360° rotation 100% Magnaflux crack detection Applications: Lifting and lashing applications

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Grade 100 Chain

All Lifting

Grade 100 chain is made from hardened and tempered and steel 25% higher lifting capacity than grade 80 Sizes available 6mm - 32mm Conforms to AS 2...

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Grade 100 Self Lock Trigger Kit

All Lifting

Grade 100 Repair kit for Grade 100 Clevis Self Locking Hook, Grade 100 Eye Self Locking Hook, Grade 100 Swivel Self Locking Hook

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