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Height Safety Equipment

Height safety equipment is used to safely secure a worker who is required to work above 2 metres from the ground, in order to reduce their risk of injury if a fall is too occur. Fall arrest equipment is used to catch a worker if they fall. Restraint Equipment is used to prevent a fall from occurring all together.

The most commonly used equipment is the harness. Harnesses vary from a basic compliance harness, to specified applications such as tower worker, or confined space harness. Lanyards attach to the harness at one end, and an attachment point at the other end. They are available in many different configurations depending on the application. Ropes can also be attached to the harness, and come in different lengths depending on the size of the workspace. Attachment points are lines that the worker will attach onto while wearing a harness, and are available in both temporary and permanent.

Working safely at heights will depend highly on ensuring you have the correct planning, selection of equipment, installation, use and maintenance of equipment. Once planning is completed it is important to consult a Height Safety Specialist when selecting your height safety equipment.

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Product Range

Harnesses and Belts, Fall Arrest Devices, Lanyards, Ropes, Karabiners and Hardware, Retractable Type Fall Arrester Devices, Rescue Devices, Mobile Anchoring Devices, Height Safety Accessories, Lifeline Systems, Permanent Anchor Points, Fall Arrest Devices, Work Boxes and Forklift Cages.

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Industry Applications

Façade/Window cleaning, Construction, Roofer/Carpenter, Metal Construction, Scaffolding, Elevating/Mobile Work Platforms, Lift Construction, High Rack, Confined Space/Water waste, Permanent Fall Arrest Systems, Power Supplies, Power Transmission, Anti -Corrosion Coating, Telecommunication, Rope Courses, Rope Access/Rigging, Arborists, Police/Military/Special Forces, Rescue, Offshore Industry, Wind Power, Flat Roof.

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