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Pipe handling has never been easier. An operator can lift, position, and push pipe sections together in one single motion. Pipe Lifters and attachments make a significant impact in overall pipeline productivity.

Types of pipe lifters
There are many different types of pipe lifters such as toggle type, spade type, pipe grab, pipe hooks, pipe clamps, pipe tongs, and keyhole pipe lifters. The following are some of the most common types of devices used in the pipeline industry.

Pipe Lifters - All Lifting

  • Leveling pipe lifters - allow the user to place and position concrete pipe in one operation. and feature a cylinder built-in that automatically balances the pipe. Pipe hooks can be used with any shape or type of pipe, including RCP, ductile iron, steel, or PVC.
  • Pipe lifting tongs - are designed  with steel curved gripping arms, and use a wide scissor-grip action to clamp securely on PVC, iron, or concrete pipe. The operator simply sets the tongs down onto the pipe and the legs automatically grab on tightly. Tong style pipe lifters are suitable for horizontal lifts only.
  • Pipe lifting clamps - grab style pipe lifters are suitable for cast iron or steel pipe only. A three legged lifting system is often used for safe and non-marring transport of pipes.
  • Scissor grab pipe lifters - automatically clamp or grab, lift, and move pipe without assistance. The scissor grab is ideal for handling round materials such as steel bars, tubes and pipes.
  • Multiple pipe lifters - can load up to 6 pipes at a time, and can move concrete pipe up to 3 times faster than with a standard fork truck.
  • Tea cup pipe carriers - are an efficient way to handle large precast concrete pipes. Tea Cup Pipe Lifters come in a low profile design which is used only when wire rope is inserted through pipe.
  • Vacuum pipe lifters - are one of the most popular methods of moving, placing and relocating lengths of pipe.  The application involves one or more suction pads and a vacuum tank. By opening a valve, vacuum arises between the suction pad and the pipe. The surface of the material must be relatively smooth and solid surface for this application.

Pipe Lifter - All Lifting

When using pipe lifters to lift larger diameter pipe safe working load limits are extremely important. Excavator operators must have knowledge of the weight of load, capacity of the equipment and access to a load chart.

All Lifting can discuss your lifting application and help determine the best type of pipe handling equipment for the job. Contact us to know more about pipe lifters.

Watch this video we found on You Tube that shows a concrete pipe lifter


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