What are Girder Clamps

Girder clamps or beam clamps, provide a simple and convenient way to connect cranes to lift tracks or beams. Basically, thanks to these devices, you can suspend your load from ceilings with a safe, secure, and extraordinary method. These devices are used to suspend or fix accessories, cables, threaded rods, and other fittings to a beam. They provide a safe way of fixing a lift by connecting components to the structural steel without the need for welding or drilling. Some are also suitable for inclined beams as well.

Beam clamps are generally installed in industrial environments or job sites that often hold a chain block aiming to help the lift of loads easily such as pipes and cables among others. Whereas if you were going to move the load across the beam you could potentially use a push trolley instead as girder clamps are fixed to the beam as shown in the images below.


At All Lifting we stock Kanga JG-Beam Clamps, and this device is easily adjusted with a threaded handle and fits a wide range of flange width and beams. The Suspension bar provides lower headroom. This clamp jaw is designed to reduce flange stress by distributing load away from the
i-beam flange edge. See the below all the specifications for our Kanga JG-Beam



There are many other different types of lifting clamps that can potentially help you to lift your load. All of these devices can be used in many different industries with a large range of different options depending on your job specifications.

 At All Lifting, we supply a whole range of girder or beam clamps, along with any type of lifting clamp to help you complete your job successfully. Please make sure you contact one of our lifting specialists and they will be able to assist you further.
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