Most Commonly used Lifting Clamps

Lifting clamps are devices that can assist you to lift heavy loads in a safe and easy manner. Lifting clamps can be used in many different industries with a large range of different options depending on the job specifications offered in the marketplace.

Horizontal and Vertical Plate Clamps
These types of clamps are designed to horizontally or vertically lift or move steel plates, however, some are able to assist in rotating the load. These clamps are often used in pairs to assure the proper weight distribution while lifting steel plates horizontally or vertically. To make sure the load does not slip, these clamps are designed to grab the steel grip securely by using the clamp’s teeth; this mechanism assures security during the lifting process.

Universal Plate Clamps
The universal lifting clamp could be the most used clamp as they have a multipurpose use for lifting or transporting horizontal and vertical plates, also, these universal clamps can assist with turning over steel structures as well.

 Universal Lifting Clamp -Working-All-Lifting

Lifting Drum Clamps
These types of lifting clamps are often used to easily lift drums that might contain chemicals or heavy materials. This rounded type of load can seem difficult to lift, however, the drum lifting clamps  will be very useful to make your lift easy and safe.

Drum Lifter-Working-All-Lifting

Beam Clamps
Beam clamps will help you to avoid drilling or welding on walls as they are a perfect rigging device to be used while attached to beam ceilings and working as hoist equipment, pulley blocks or loads. In other words, thanks to these engineering design, heavy loads are able to be suspended from ceilings with a safe, secure and extraordinary method.

If you require further information regarding lifting clamps and their applications or any other lifting products, do not hesitate to contact us on or phone 1300 666 733. At All Lifting, we offer a wide range of standard and non-standard lifting clamps (link to collection) that are suitable for a variety of applications.  

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