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Webbing slings are flat belts, usually manufactured to duplex level featuring double layers for extra safety. These slings are one of the most essential and common lifting accessories. Eye and eye, and endless webbing slings are the most popular and can be easily found in the market. These two types of webbing slings can assist your lifting project and can be used with many different configurations as explained below.

Eye and Eye webbing slings
This type of webbing sling has an eye shape on each of its end points, also, its flexible and light weight making this sling versatile, and for many the preferred sling. Eye and eye slings can also protect delicate loads and minimise the risk of damage, dents or scratches while the lifting action is being performed. They are also very easy to use with a choker, basket, or vertical configurations.

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Endless / Infinite Loop (EN) Web Slings
Endless web slings can be used in all three types of sling hitches. The sling can be rotated throughout its service life to minimise wear and avoid repetitive use damage.

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It is important that you understand the application that you are going to load and the different configurations. Selecting the correct configuration  is as important as choosing your webbing sling. You can use either vertical, basket or chocker configurations, all depending on your intended load.

All webbing slings can be found in two materials which can be nylon or polyester. Both of these materials will have the same strength and capacity to lift your load, however, you need to consider your options depending on the application as in some circumstances the sling will be exposed to acids or high/low temperatures.

Nylon webbing slings are able to assist when there is grease and oil present and this material has a very good resistance to certain chemicals, however acids, bleaching agents and temperatures over 194OF will drastically affect this type of sling. On the other hand, polyester slings can assist you when some common types of acids and bleaching agents are present, please refer to the following table to see what kind of acids these slings are suitable for.



Webbing Sling Protection
It is very important to take care of your webbing slings as this will assure the long lasting of your webbing slings. An effective way to protect your slings is using protective sleeves. These protective sleeves are great to protect the slings against abrasion and dirt which can either be permanent or removable; however, these sleeves will not protect the sling against cuts, you should always be aware of sharpen edges or artefacts.


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