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We highly recommend that you keep your lifting and rigging equipment safe by having a qualified person regularly check your gear. The most important reason to keep your gear checked is to ensure the safety of you and your workers. Also, by checking your gear regularly you can actually save money; not having to purchase new equipment as often, because you can repair or fix the equipment before it reaches a lethal breaking point.

A safety check for your lifting and rigging equipment may seem like less of a priority than the continuous growing to-do-list, but it’s really important to keep up-to-date with these checks to ensure quality gear is being used in your company, and there are different types of certificates to be aware of.

Check your gear regularly

Safe equipment ensures the protection of employees, clients and any person that may be at risk of faulty lifting equipment. By checking your gear regularly, or as required, you will have peace of mind knowing your company is complying with the Australian safety standards. This will back you up in case an incident occurs in the workplace, and also you will have no problems with taking jobs on board as you will be set and ready to go.

When should you do a safety check?

So how often do you need a safety check? Well, that depends on what it is. When you purchase lifting or rigging equipment, it is important to purchase the up-to-date version compliant with Australian safety standards. This will give you a detailed outline of the requirements including how often the item needs inspection, and what deems the item safe, as well as giving you the detail of correct use and maintenance.

How to comply with Australian standards

Whichever inspector you choose to check your gear should be able to understand the Australian standards that applies to each of your lifting components. This person should be properly trained and hold knowledge and extensive experience. Inspectors will be able to clearly inform you whether your lifting gear will pass, fail or needs to be retested to comply with Australian standards as each individual item will have its own requirement. 

If you need your lifting and rigging equipment certified, contact All Lifting. We offer an additional follow-up service too ensuring that you won’t miss any important deadlines. Call us today on 1300 666 733 or email

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