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Drum handling equipment is used for lifting and transporting steel drums, barrels and plastic drums. There are many different drum handling products available, which ensure safe handling of drums, and minimise the risk of spills and injuries in the workplace. It is important to use these devices correctly as this type of equipment helps to reduce manual handling injuries caused by lifting and maneuvering of heavy drums.

Drum handling equipment covers a broad range of devices which can be used to lift and move either full or empty drums for racking storage, weighing, rotating and pouring. This type of equipment is frequently used in chemical and petroleum industries, as well as shipping yards.

Some of the most common drum lifting devices usually come in a manual clamp or scissor lift form as well as the universal chain drum lifter which clamps the drum securely around the lip or around the drum as shown in the below images.Drum Lifting Clamp - All Lifting            Chain Drum Lifitng Clamp - All Lifting
Forklift attachment drum handling equipment is designed to slide onto the tynes of a forklift. These types of handlers are suited to different sizes and types of drums, for safe loading, transporting and unloading.

Drum rotating equipment can tip and rotate drums, as well as transfer contents from one drum to another where rotators are usually powered by hydraulics. There are also a number of trolleys and cradles which can be built to secure and position drums. Other types of drum handling equipment include chain drum lifters, and dual drum lifters.

Standard drum handling equipment can lift up to 200L drums, however, custom made drum lifters can be fabricated and designed to lift heavier loads with All Lifting. If your project requires drum lifting equipment, it is important that you make sure you know the size, weight of your drums and the weight of the contents before exploring your drum handling equipment options. Our online store includes a range of drum lifting equipment ready to order. If you need assistance selecting the right tool contact us today on 1300 666 773 and one of our experienced specialists will be happy to help you.



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