Plastic chain is a very popular item that can assist for many different purposes such as crowd control, domestic and industrial use. This product is UV resistant as well as waterproof making this plastic chain ideal to use in the outdoors as they do not fade or rust; they also come in different colours, being white, yellow and red.

 Plastic-Chain-White-All-Lifting     Plastic-Chain-Yellow-All-Lifting       Plastic-Chain-Red-and-White-All-Lifting

These plastic chains can be used to create a barrier among crowds or to generate awareness for hazards within the public or private spaces. Another benefit of using plastic chain is that it is very light and can be easily packed up and stored. This way you can quickly install a temporary barrier whenever needed.

Some of the most common scenarios you might find these plastic chains will be in job sites to create awareness to workers and people in general about dangerous hazards, also, some of the biggest benefits of using plastic chain are:

  • Versatility of plastic chain creates a strong visual barrier to protect people or workers, in particular for installation in job sites.
  • Ideal for forming lines, directing crowds, and restricting access in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Plastic chain can be found in different lengths and sizes.
  • This item will not rust as it has been made of lightweight, strong, and durable high-density polyethylene which can also be recyclable.
  • Plastic chain can be used outside as it is UV resistant and recyclable.

All Lifting offers a whole range of Plastic Chain available in different colours, lengths, and sizes. We can also provide you with excellent industry advice to always help you to choose the right products for the right application. Please contact us and one of our lifting specialists will be happy to help. Email us today on or phone us on 1300 666 733.

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