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Usage of Electric Winches

Electric winches are mechanical devices powered by electricity, these devices have a drum that winds a length of wire rope in or out. This wire rope spools around the drum and is held in place at the end by a stopper. Electric winches are very strong, commonly used in 4wding for vehicle recovery, as well as on tow trucks and elevators.

Electric winches have a motor that drives or powers the drum that coils the wire being operated by electric motors which are powered by electricity. Electric winches are heavy duty, therefore robust with a strong and stable electrical system that can deal with a lot of charge. The motors will generally have an adjustment for handling heavier loads and some even have gears that enable them to pull up extremely heavy loads. Gears on these electric winches are basic and work just like gears on a push bike. In the case of a small gear being operated by an electric motor can turn a much larger gear, therefore increasing the amount that can actually be pulled.

Planetary gear trains or elliptical gears are found in more advanced electric winches which work like planets orbiting the sun. In these advanced electric winches, one small gear rotates around the larger gear which makes it even easier for larger objects to be pulled. Winches can have any type of gear assembly but majority of them are either elliptical or ordinary gear trains with individual smaller tears.


Electric winches are powered by electricity which means that they operate on a power supply by either AC or DC systems. ATV winches are generally DC powered and operate from an ATV battery. Most truck and trailer winches operate on a simple 12 volt DC power, which can be rigged to operate from the trucks electrical system which the truck is turned on and the alternator is running. A winch operating from a trucks electrical system receives more power than operating from a dry battery. Winches surprisingly do not use a lot of electricity as the gear system is performing most of the work.

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