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A positive feature of a combination lifting beam is that it can be used as a lifting beam and as a spreader beam. This device has a single centred lifting point on the top side of the beam that assists to connect the beam to a crane, hoist or other lifting mechanism. They also have two attachment points at each end of the bar.

Long loads should be attached and must be pending uniformly and safely with the help of a combination lifting beam. As mentioned before, combination lifting beams have a single centre to which the crane hook attaches with chains or slings attached to the beam's end attachment points. Although this reduces head height above the beam, having a central lifting point requires a considerably larger beam size and strength since the beam is no longer in compression as it will be using tension.

The fact that a combination lifting beam has strength in compression, the weight should never exceed the beam lifting points. Simply said, the weight should always be suspended evenly with the help of the lifting points where the beam should have a considered space above the load, forming a parallel arrangement between them. If the load is longer than the beam, the force and compression of the load is pulled onto the beam.

Every Combination, lifting or spreader beam, should be thoroughly examined before storage after each use, and beams should be kept dry and cool. Moisture, salt air, or poisonous conditions, on the other hand, might cause a beam to deteriorate.


Cranes and other lifting gear are frequently used in industrial settings to move heavy objects efficiently. Mishandling errors with lifting devices can potentially result in deadly lifting incidents, therefore every 12 months, a certified inspector should examine spreader beams and record the results in your Lifting Equipment Asset Register. This inspection is conducted in line with Australian Standards. Remember that any equipment that has been damaged must be marked out for non-use and fixed and examined by a certified technician before it can be used again.

All Lifting has a wide selection of manufactured combination beams  that will help you to complete your assigned job. We can manufacture these devices in a variety of sizes, lengths, and working load limits (WLL) to best fit your application. All Lifting can also certify and examine all lifting equipment, as well as test and tag in line with Australian standards.

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