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Lifting Beams and spreader bars are fabricated devices for specific applications; therefore, you should never use them for a purpose that they are not designed for, unless you have an approval from the fabricator or supplier. You will be able to find an extensive range of designs that you can choose from depending on job specific requirements and the practicality, please refer to our article Lifting Beams vs Spreader Bars to understand differences between these two devices.

Things you should always consider to ensure the safety, and good performance of these devices.

• Store and handle lifting beams correctly. Make sure you understand the instructions for slings and attachments used with the beam.
• Include the self-weight of the beam and attachments when calculating the load  imposed on the crane hook.
• Make sure the load will remain stable when lifted.
• Do not overload any of the lifting points.
• Use tag lines to control long loads.
• Inspect the lifting apparatus before and after each use.

    You should keep in mind that lifting beams and spreader bars, according to the Australian Standards are considered as lifting accessories, therefore, they must be examined at least every 6 months by a competent person. It is important that you stop using the device if you notice any beam distortion, damage or corrosion, wear, lose or missing bolts; cracked welds; attachment points that are worn, damaged or distorted, holes and eyes worn or elongated and any other visible faults.

    Remember to always refer to the supplier or manufacturer’s instructions on safe use, maintenance, and storage.

    At All Lifting  we offer a complete range of fabricated lifting beams and spreaders  to suit your application. We are able to fabricate these devices in a range of sizes, lengths and appropriate working load limits (WLL) that will best suit your application. All Lifting can also provide certification and carry out inspections; test and tag, on all lifting devices. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require information, you can email us on or call us on 1300 666 733 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

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