Man Cages - What Are The Different Types?

The Purpose of a man cage 
A man cage or personnel cage is used to carry personnel, transporting them to and from a high- or low-level work situation. Man cages also help workers to carry their tools and materials to high work locations. It provides complete safety while carrying the personnel and their materials, which is of utmost importance to companies and sites.

There are different types of man cages such as: square man cage, forklift man cage, crane man cage, man cage with or without a roof, man cage with or without chains, step-in man cage, man cage with self-locking door plus, man cages can also be custom designed and made.

Different man cage and their applications
Man cages create a safe elevated workspace, they are also known as: man box, forklift cage, man carrying cage, man safety cage, man workbox, workbox, crane workbox, forklift workbox and there are even a few other less common names used to refer to a man cage.

Personnel Man Cage - All Lifting

Man cages can be made to accommodate 1 – 8 people. They come with a roof, door, mesh sides and have differing capacities depending of your needs. It is very important to choose the right cage to ensure that it suits your purposes as the variety of cages available are very broad.  You can find different types of man cages such as:

Crane man cages are used specifically for cranes, even though they can be transported by a forklift.
Forklift man cages can only be used on a forklift and cannot be carried to extreme heights as a crane man cage can. 

Man cages are supplied to ensure that personnel can work as efficiently as possible, so the rails are built at half height. Attachment points are available to be used for lanyards and safety lines. Crane man cages need to be erected by chain and will have chain attachments on each corner of the cage /box.

Fabricated man cages to Australian standard
All Lifting supply and manufacture man cages and can custom build any man cage using sophisticated engineering technology to provide you with exactly what you require for your application. View our man cages here. We pride ourselves on fabricating top quality man cages, in accordance with Australian Standards. We can also provide test certificates and carry out inspections on the man cages.


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