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A forklift cage or work box is used to provide a safe work platform to raise or lift people performing occasional or short duration tasks where it is not practical to use scaffolding, elevating work platforms or similar devices.

Task that may require a forklift cage include replacing light globes or broken lights in your warehouse, improving lighting and productivity and a safer environment; accessing stock from those high and extremely dangerous areas, it can be made easier and safer for all employees to do; general day to day maintenance throughout your warehouse, this will save you time and money with preventative maintenance programs.

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It is important that an Australian Standards approved forklift cage is used. Australian Standard AS 2359.1: Powered industrial trucks – General requirements provides a minimum standard to which work platforms should be constructed.  There are several variations of a forklift cage which include features such as fold-down types for easy shipping, doors located on different sides, open or closed mesh, and handrails in various places.

To use a forklift cage safely a  properly trained forklift operator holding a high-risk work licence must be in a position to control the vehicle at all times. The number of workers on the platform should be limited to the manufacturer’s or competent person’s instruction. The following safety guidelines are recommended for the operation of forklift trucks fitted with approved forklift cages.

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  • Check that the forklift cage is suitable and can carry the expected load and has correct work box attachments
  • Check the forklift cage is attached securely in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Check that people can safely exit the work box and the forklift in the event of a failure in its normal operation
  • Ensure the parking brake is on, the controls are in neutral and the mast vertical
  • Perform a test lift with the forklift cage attached before people enter the work platform
  • Ensure that the operator remains at the controls at all times while people are in the forklift cage

All Lifting supply and manufacture forklift cages and can custom build any forklift cage using sophisticated engineering technology to provide you with exactly what you require for your application. We pride ourselves on fabricating top quality forklift safety cages, in accordance with Australian Standards. We can also provide test certificates and carry out inspections on a forklift cage.

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