Chandelier Hoist System at Parliament House Victoria - Australia

Chandelier Hoist System Installed at Parliament House, Victoria

All Lifting built a truss structure and installed hoists and winches in the restoration of Chandeliers at the Parliament House, Victoria in 2016.

To install heavy lighting or ceiling structures into a ceiling, a sturdy structure is required to support the weight. Installation into the ceiling plaster alone is not strong enough to ensure the large fixtures are held securely in place.

All Lifting took on one of it’s most interesting projects of all time, building a trust structure to support 3 crystal chandeliers at parliament Victoria, followed by installation of the 1850 Hand Winches and retro fit 201 Electric Kito Chain Hoists.

The project took 6 months of meticulous planning and 32 hours to complete.

Watch the time lapse video below to see all the action!

All Lifting can supply fully tested and certified, high quality hoists and winches that can be used to hold your structure securely in place.

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