BFD SK12 Single Rope Lanyard with Karabiners

by All Lifting
Shipping & Handling

The kernmantle rope single leg BFD personal energy absorbing range are all designed to effectively arrest a fall whilst minimising the shock loads on the body. The 'Tear Tape' technology shock pack utilises a controlled tearing action that is initiated when the lanyard is 'loaded' during the fall and limits the fall arrest forces to below 6Kn. The shock pack features a unique velcro attach cover that provides a 100% inspection, as well as the potential to clean & dry the pack contents if necessary/ the cover, is also designed to protect the label pack, conveniently sewn into the tear tape material.

  • Part Code: 1602L-AUS-0078-2
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1891: 2007
  • 12mm kernmantle rope
  • 2 metres long
  • Weighs 0.94kg
  • Steek triple action karabiners on ends
  • Manufactured in Germany 
  • Other sizes and fittings available

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