Deus Rescue Descent Device

by All Lifting
Price on Application

Personal Escape, Assisted Rescue, Multiple Evacuations

When things go wrong 100 metres in the air, the DEUS 3300 provides a quick, simple way to get yourself or another person down safely. Pocket sized so you can carry it with you, the DEUS 3300 is easy to use - just anchor and go. The descent is hands free or managed via a precise control dial with stop-go- speed function, even with thick gloves. It is built for safety with multiple redundant brakes and speed limiting technology to guard against free fall. The DEUS 3300 operates in both directions, allowing multiple people to be evacuated with only one device and without re-rigging. Plus, ropes can be replaced easily so you use different ropes for different tasks. 

Deus 3700

Whether you work on 3 metre high platforms or 150 meter towers, the Deus 3700 is a safe, easy to use and reliable tool for escape, self rescue, assisted rescue and more. It works in both directions so multiple people can descend one from another. The ropes can be replaced so it is cost effective and versatile. The Deus 3700 features quadruple redundant braking, automatic speed limiting technology, hands free descent and a precise speed control dial. Therefore it is built for a variety of rescue applications at heights up to 180 metres including individual rescue, rapid sequential evacuations and assisted rescue. 

Deus 7300

The heavy duty Deus 7300 provides a persistent and solid foundation for a no-compromise back-up belay solution that ensures reliable safety, making is also a perfect abseil belay at the end of high-rope or zip -line  course. 


  • Also available in preconfigured self- rescue set
  • Available with different rope options


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