Peanut Twin Self Retracting Lanyard with Karabiner and Steel Scaff Hoo

Peanut Twin Self Retracting Lanyard with Karabiner and Steel Scaff Hook (Type 2)

by All Lifting
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Our Peanut Twin Self-Retracting Lanyard with Karabiner and Steel Scaff Hook is a German-made marvel setting new standards in fall protection. This ultra-compact, lightweight device is equipped with the innovative One 4 All shock absorber, ensuring versatility and safety across all weight classes. Certified for use in sharp edge environments, it provides robust protection in diverse work settings and is suitable for horizontal applications, offering flexibility and ease of movement during tasks involving aerial platforms.

Designed for reliability, the top of the lanyard features a triple-action steel karabiner with a 16kN-rated gate for secure attachment, while the bottom is equipped with steel scaffold hooks, also with a 16kN-rated gate, ensuring stability and strength. Compliant with AS/NZS 1891.3 standards, the Peanut Twin Self-Retracting Lanyard combines German engineering precision with advanced safety features, making it an essential component for workers prioritizing safety and efficiency in their fall protection measures.


  • Equipped with the new One 4 All shock absorber
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight fall arrest device
  • Approved for all weight classes
  • Sharp edge certified
  • Suitable for horizontal use applications
  • Retractable lanyard
  • Can be used for tasks involving aerial platforms
  • Triple action steel karabiner at the top 16kN rated gate
  • Steel scaffold hooks at the bottom 16kN rated gate
  • German Made
  • Complies to AS/NZS 1891.3

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Polyester, Polyamide, Aluminium, Steel

Textil-Band 25mm





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