Difference Between a Pulley Block and a Snatch Block
Difference Between a Pulley Block and a Snatch Block - All Lifting


Pulley blocks and snatch blocks are both pulley blocks; these lifting tools have a wheel on an axle designed to help you lift heavy items up to 30 tonne. Pulley blocks give direction to the rope while loaded; they are able to increase the line pull or lifting capacity of a hoist or winch by multiplying the number of lines. The difference between them is that a pulley block is constantly closed and you must thread the line through the axle while the snatch block is designed to open with a gate on the side so the wire rope can be fitted easily as shown in the below pictures.

Pulley Bock - All Lifting    Snatch Bock - All Lifting

Both, pulley and snatch blocks will help you to facilitate your lifting operations. There is no specific reason why you should buy one over the other; people choose which ever one works best for them, often based on personal preference. When used in conjunction with a winch, a snatch block can increase the winch’s power considerably, allowing for a smoother, easier winching process. You will be able to find many different blocks in the market. Snatch blocks are more often preferred with a quick list below for your reference. 

Snatch Block with hook
These types of Snatch blocks are usually purchased to be used with wire rope hoists and winches during temporary applications. This type of snatch block is featured in the image above.

Snatch Block with Shackle

Snatch Block with Shackle - All LiftingThese snatch blocks are mostly used in permanent rigging applications, however they can also be used in temporary ones too.

Off Road Block
Off Road Block - All LiftingThe Off Road Block, otherwise known as a Swing Block, is very popular with 4x4 off roaders. These blocks are often used in conjunction with vehicle winches.

Pulley and Snatch Blocks Safety

If Snatch Blocks are used incorrectly, they can be very dangerous, and could even cause a fatality. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure you are complying to all safety procedures. When you are using a block in combination with a winch, the pressure on the line could easily be double compared to the size of the loaded item. Thus, the importance of using the block correctly and securing all the components accordingly. At All Lifting we offer a great range of pulleys and snatch blocks making sure that all comply to the Australian standards. If you are looking into buying a pulley or snatch block  and you need specialist advice, contact us today and one of our lifting and rigging specialists will help you further.


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