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Different Types of Fibre Rope

There are many different types of fibre rope available on the market. All with their own advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to find out more information on some of the more common types we come across.

Natural Fibre Ropes

Sisal – Made from agave sisalane. A relatively cheap rope that is coarse, strong and durable. chemicals and moisture will affect its longevity. Often used as tagline and for decorative applications.

Sisal Fibre Rope - All Lifting

Manilla – Made from hemp, often used for stage rigging and decorative purposes.

Manilla Fibre Rope - All Lifting

Synthetic Ropes

Nylon – Resistant to UV, chemicals and rot. Excellent strength but elongation is around 25%. Often used for marine and mooring applications.

Polypropylene – Resistant to deterioration in water. Easily damaged by abrasion.

Synthetic Fibre Rope - All Lifting

Polyester – Compared to nylon, has a higher breaking strength. Resistant to abrasion, UV and heat.

Kevlar – Very strong with almost zero stretch. Very susceptible to UV light damage. Seen in our Black snake recovery strops. 

Winchline Usually 12 strand construction, lighter and stronger than wire rope equivalent. Resistant to abrasion and UV resistant. For more information go to wire rope vs winchline.

There are of course many more types of fibre rope available. As well as constructions such as braided, twisted, strand as well as brands and quality of the rope. To see some of the ropes we have available check out our online shop. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email or give us a call to get more specialised advice from our technical team. 


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