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There is a wide range of fittings and customisation available for chain slings depending on the application. As such, we manufacture chain slings in-house to meet Australian standards.

Different Chain Sling Applications
Before we start making your chain sling, we need to work out the correct configuration and requirements for the operation it will be used for. Applications can include lifting personal and material cages, spreader bars or attached directly to the materials being lifted. We need to know the working load limit, chain sling leg length, how many legs and any other specific requirements.

Chain Sling Configurations
Once we know all of the specifications for the lift, we can determine the configuration to make the right chain sling for your application. We customise the components of a chain sling including:

  • Length of the chain legs (based on the height of lift)
  • Chain size
  • Type of chain
  • Number of chain legs
  • Hooks and bottom fittings

The below picture is an example of a common configuration for a chain sling. From the top to the bottom, this chain sling is made of a head ring, couplers, eye shortening hooks, tags (for certification and identification) chain and clevis safety sling hooks.2 Leg Chain Sling - All Lifting

Assembling the Chain Sling
We collect all of the rated lifting components required and cut the chain to the correct length. All of the parts are then joined together with either couplers or clevis (pin) fittings. The fittings are checked before fitting to ensure they are correct. The bottom of the chain slings are commonly fitted with hooks with a safety latch locking mechanism.

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Compliance Certification
After the chain sling has been constructed, it is then proof load tested to ensure it complies with the Australian standard. All chain slings manufactured by All Lifting comply with AS 3775.1. The chain is rigged up on our hydraulic test bed, then a gradual load is applied until the required proof load is reached.

Testing Chain Sling - All Lifting


The chain and components are thoroughly checked for any changes compared to before the testing. If all components pass, the complete chain sling will be issued with a test certificate.

And that’s the process on how we build your chain slings. If you are in need of a chain sling for your next lift visit our chain slings online store.


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