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A chain hoist can be either manually operated using a rotating hand guide, or electrically powered. A manual chain hoist is ideal for use in environments where electricity is not available. They are also an economical solution when there is no need for daily operation.

Rotation Chain Hoist - All Lifting

An electric chain hoist typically operates using a motor powered pulley to raise and lower the load chain to the required height. The load chain will have a hook on the end for easy attachment to the load. A chain bag is attached to the casing of the hoist, to catch excess chain as the load is lifted up.

The hoist is controlled using a pendant or remote, which extends on a lead down from the hoist to the operator. This pendant control will have buttons which control lifting and lowering, as well as an emergency stop button for safety.  An electric chain hoist is the easiest way to perform a safe and controlled lift.

When selecting a chain hoist there are various factors to take into consideration:

  • The required Working Load Limit (WLL) - The WLL of the hoist must be more or equal to the maximum weight that is to be lifted. Remember to factor in any extra rigging equipment required to sling the load (e.g. spreader bar, hooks, shackles etc.)
  • The required lifting height - Most hoists will lift between a maximum of 3 and 9 meters. Other custom-built sizes may be available.
  • The available power supply - Many hoists require three-phase power for operation. Some are also available for single phase power use.
  • The operating environment - Take into consideration: humidity, extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), work environments high in salt or other corrosive chemicals, heat from sun exposure. Extreme or corrosive environments may accelerate wear and tear on electric chain hoists.
  • The frequency of use - Take into consideration the number of starts per hour, number of hours used per day, and number of days used per year. Also consider the type of work the hoist will be doing: moving back and forth along a beam or constantly lifting to its capacity in both weight and height.
Electric Chain Hoist - All Lifting

All Lifting’s chain hoist range come with a wide range of options and accessories to suit any application. If you are looking to purchase a Chain Hoist an if you aren't sure which one to choose from, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our lifting specialists will be happy to help. 



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