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Shackles are a popular piece of equipment used throughout the lifting industrial sector as a removable element for linking wire rope, chain, and other fittings. Screw pin shackles are primarily used for non-permanent installations, whereas safety pin shackles are used for long-term or permanent applications and where the load can slip mostly on the pin allowing the pin to rotate. Dee shackles are primarily used on single-leg devices, although bow shackles have been used on single-leg technologies.

Bow Shackles

Bow shackles feature a wider, broader, bolt-shaped bow. The wider design of the bow enables certain forms of shackles to also be loaded sideways or used in several sling-leg interconnections.

D Shackles

The D-shaped shackles are built and assessed for in-line stress, and therefore should not be loaded sideways, as sideloading may bend or twist the bow of the shackle. While using a chain shackle, the centerline of the load must always fit the centerline of the shackle when in use. These D-shaped shackles are narrower than the bow shackles.

Different Types of Pins

When it comes to choosing the right type of pin to be used for the shackle, you must think carefully which pin you will be using with your application The explanation for this is that certain categories of pins are built to be used for overhead lifting; while some pins are perfect for pick-up and lift that could be easily attached and removed, others are more suitable for more enduring uses.

Screw Pin Shackles

These kinds of shackles include a pin installed through the base of the shackle and then secured. Screw pin shackles are simple and easy to attach and detach so that they are efficient for rigging that is used for lift and position installations or when slings and other hardware are often modified. Screw pin shackles can also be used in installations whereby side loading and multi-leg sling structures are available. Consequently, the decrease in WLL should be recognised for use in side-loading situations. While using a screw pin shackle, the strings of the screw pin shall be thoroughly affixed, and closed, as well as the shoulder, shall be in contact with the body of the shackle.


Bolt Type Shackle

A bolt-type shackle needs to provide more protection when being used as a rigging feature by combining a bolt and nut placed next to a cotter pin. These shackles may be used in any application that uses a round pin or a screw pin that remains stable even though the shackle is exposed to movement or force.

Bolt style shackles are useful in many rigging implementations where some movement is required of the anchor bolt. The tightening nut and the cotter pin remove such a need to strengthen the pin before any raise or movement of the load, so the bolt style shackles are an ideal substitute for semi-permanent or long-term installations, or where the load can slip on the shackle pin causing it to rotate.
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