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It is quite common that vehicles get stuck when the road conditions are a little difficult or that your vehicle may just break down unexpectedly. If you have experienced any of these situations, sometimes the only way to free your car is getting pulled by another vehicle or getting towed by a truck. As an example, 4WD drivers often experience these situations where the only two options they have are getting pulled out by another vehicle or to tow the car onto a truck to be taken somewhere to be repaired, if the vehicle is not operating.

Whether you are getting towed or recovered, both processes require specific straps or items to be able to free the vehicle in a safe way. One of them is known as a recovery strap, while the other is known as a tow strap or towing bridle. It is for certain that if you do not know the difference between towing and recovery, it would be difficult for you to make a purchase decision. There are some misunderstandings about which straps to use when pulling or towing a vehicle against what are the best straps for recovering cars from being somehow stuck. There is a difference between recovery straps and tow straps, and each type has its benefits explained below.

Snatch straps
Snatch Straps are probably the most popular item to recover your vehicle. The reason for this may be that they are affordable, compared to other recovery items and they are also lightweight. These straps are also quite easy to use. A snatch strap allows a recovery vehicle to get a bit of a run-up before the towing starts to take place. Instead of one harsh yank like chains or a normal tow rope would apply, a snatch strap stretches while building up energy and then releases it more gently.

Towing Bridles
This type of item has been designed to help a tow truck to pull a vehicle into line which is supplied with a running eye for equal loading. Our tow bridles come with a master link as the top fitting, and also with a snap or J hook and webbing straps. This is an ideal device choice as it is strong and reliable for your towing jobs. Our towing bridles are durable and built to protect vehicles from damage while your vehicle is getting towed.

 Vehicle-Tow-Bridle-J-Hook-All-Lifting       Vehicle-Tow-Bridle-Snap-Sling-Hook-All-Lifting    

The snap hooks can be attached to your truck using the towing points or shackles where the snap hooks or j-hooks get attached to the vehicle and the bridle to the wire winch strap where the lashing capacity is up to 2500kg. All our towing bridles are designed, manufactured, and tested for compliance to AS/NZS 4380:2001. We use the best webbing instead of chain; however, the working load is as strong as chain, also, the webbing helps prevent damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle you are towing.

At All Lifting, we hold a whole range of snatch straps and towing bridles which are available in a range of sizes. We can also provide you with excellent industry advice to help you choose the right item to make sure you are covered and secured. 


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