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You can find many different types of wire rope where each type can be built with various strand formations, and you can also select the lay as well. All the different types of wire ropes could potentially suit and be used with different applications while working with cranes, mining, construction, lifting, fishing or marine, agriculture, elevators, and more. At All Lifting, you can find crane wire rope, galvanised wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, PVC and/or nylon coated wire rope. Depending on what application you are using the wire rope for you might find that some wire ropes’ features can enhance flexibility, prevent torsion, elongate under load, prevent loads from spinning and minimise loads breaking away.

General Purpose Wire Rope

At All Lifting we offer general purpose wire rope, that is used in a wide range of static and dynamic applications. We offer a wide range of wire rope that are high resistant to crush, cut, heat, and stretch. Their high strength and excellent ductility keep the ropes strong in many applications.

Crane Wire Rope

Generally, crane wire ropes can start from around 16 mm size and onwards. If you are looking to purchase this type of wire rope, you should consider few aspects when you are choosing a crane wire rope such as.

Minimum Break
The minimum wire rope breaking strength will depend on the workload and the safety factor you wish to apply.

Wire Rope Size
If you are looking to purchase wire rope for your crane, you will need to make sure you check your crane manual to find out a full description of the size and construction that your crane requires to work properly.

Corrosion Resistance
You should use a galvanised wire rope if the wire rope is to be used in corrosive environments. You can also use a plastic-coated core wire rope if there is any risk of moisture entering the wire rope.

Twisting Torque and Rotation
You must consider that when a wire rope is under load this can cause 2 different effects. First, when the two ends of a wire rope are fixed, the force applied causes twisting at the fixed points. Or the wire rope tends to rotate if one of the ends of the wire rope is free and a load is attached, where the wire rope's tendency to rotate increases with the load that it is bearing and the height. At All Lifting, we offer wire ropes with three layers of strands non-rotation; and wire ropes with two layers of strands rotation resistant.

PVC Wire Rope
This type of + wire is very suitable for when it is being used over pulleys with high frictional applications such as gym equipment, cranes, lifting equipment, conveyors, elevators, among others. The PVC coat helps protect the wires and strands from abrasions making which makes the more resistant to wear and tear.

Stainless Steel PVC Wire Rope - All Lifting

At All Lifting we make sure we offer the best wire ropes that can suit or meet your needs, they are all tested to comply with relevant Australian standards, this includes stainless steel, galvanized and PVC & nylon coated wire rope from 0.01 mm to 50 mm diameter at competitive prices to suit your specific needs.

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