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Whether you need to transport items in your Ute, truck or trailer, our heavy-duty cargo nets  can be very handy to protect your load while transporting items as they tend to move when the vehicle is operating. If you are looking to secure and  protect your load, cargo nets can help you to secure the items and to reduce their movement to prevent them from being damaged.

Cargo nets are a type of mesh web and stitched in a grid, typically with several anchor points and few eyelets that firmly help you secure your load. Cargo nets are an easy and quick system to use. All you need is to place the net over your load and to secure this onto your vehicle or trailer.

All cargo nets come with eyelets that will help you attach your net to your vehicle; these eyelets have three major purposes.

  1. Helps to adjust to large or small sizes.
  2. They can be adjusted to all different angles and odd load shapes.
  3. Secures the net at multiple points.

At All Lifting, we offer a whole range of different types of cargo nets including those specified below.

Cargo Nets with Mesh
This type of cargo net has mesh that prevents smaller items from falling out. This mesh is made up of industrial strength rip-stop mesh, which means if the mesh is damaged at some point it will not continue to tear. This mesh is built from weatherproof webbing rated at 1,200 lbs.


Mesh Net
This mesh will be perfect to protect the load on your Ute or trailer as it can easily fit inside of a full-size trailer or toy trailer as shown in the image below, making this mesh ideal for professional truckers and any general consumer.


Roof Mesh Net
This type of net is designed for roof racks, or single cab Utes, boats up to 2.5 meters and trailers up to 2.1 meters. You can secure a load on the roof of your vehicle or in your boat. This is the perfect net for small spaces.


At All Lifting, all of our cargo nets come in different sizes so you can purchase whatever is more convenient. Also, every cargo net comes with four hardware straps and a durable carry bag. All the eyelets and hooks are rubber coated to assure that your vehicle isn’t scratched during use.

 For more information or to purchase a cargo net, you can visit our online store or If you require more information regarding this great product, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

You can email us at or call 1300 666 733

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