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What Is A Helideck Landing Net?

All Lifting have taken height safety to a new level with our helideck landing net. But what does this net actually do?

The helideck net in storms 
You know those crazy storms you hear about on the news? The storms that keep you homebound with water rising and power outages. Imagine trying to land a helicopter in a storm! That’s where the helideck landing net comes in.

Now we are not suggesting jumping in your helicopter the next time a cyclone comes about, but this landing net is capable of withstanding the most severe offshore weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation.

Constructed of manila or sisal rope, this net is spread out over the landing platform in locations such as drilling rigs, ships, high rise buildings and other high-risk areas.

Uses of the helideck net
The use of the helipad landing net is to prevent the helicopter from rolling, skidding and pitching off the helipad. Using fibre rope to avoid issues with rust and damage.  The helideck landing net provides friction and grip for when the helicopter lands on the helipad. Now that’s what we call taking safety to all new heights.

Need help sourcing your own helideck landing net? Give All Lifting a call and we can have you landing safely and securely.

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