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What is a Pickling Chain? - All Lifting


Pickling chains are chains used in galvanizing plants. The chain slings are designed to hold steel items that need to be galvanised so they can be dipped into a bath of acid, often at high temperatures that can reach between 435º-455ºC. While the chains are required to work under excessive chemicals or heat, they need to be able to resist heat and perform accordingly. For this reason, frequent inspections are required to ensure they are still in good condition and fit for purpose.

Depending on the object to be lifted, usually galvanizing plants will require different types of chains slings with different types of fittings, for lifting and transporting the parts that are to be galvanized. Standard grade chains cannot be used for this type of job. The chain and components, used for this application in the hot dip galvanizing industry, are grade L which is a low carbon steel chain with the lowest quality tensile. They can be used for hot dip galvanising and they are commonly used by boat builders as they give the best protection against corrosion and abrasion, in harsh conditions.

 Pickling Chain - All Lifting Pickling Chain

Test certificates are issued for each chain sling and you must keep them on file for the entire period of usage. This product needs to be inspected regularly and If it is suspected that the chain has been exposed to a chemically active environment, remove the item from service. At All Lifting we offer these chains in 13, 16, and 20 mm and Lengths of 2, 3, 4, 6 meters, and we are able to custom manufacture to suit your requirements. We also offer inspection services to ensure the safety of your lifting equipment. Contact us by email or call us for more information regarding pickling chains.


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