Your Essential Guide to Round Slings

Round slings are a very common item used in many different industries that can assist your lifting application but how do you know what sort of round sling to use? To perform lifts well, you must first understand the capacity and length of a round sling as round slings are prone to abrasion and they can be damaged or cut when they come in contact with edges and rough surfaces because they are made from polyester. 

Round slings are very versatile and can be used in a vertical, choker, or basket hitch. However, you need to make sure that you have a good surface area connection between the round sling and the load when using a round sling in a basket hitch.

If you need assistance deciding on which type of round sling to use, a lifting specialist will need to be aware of specific details, such as the length and capacity of slings you require to carry out the lifts. Round slings will have their length measured under strain, there have been times when customers have occasionally cut a round sling that is no longer in use to determine its length. You DO NOT need to cut the sling to determine the length.



We advise you to examine your round sling each time you intend to use it. You can use the following easy instructions to help you identify the signs that will determine if you need to remove the round sling from use right away.

- A sling's identification is missing or not legible
- Burns from acids or caustics
- Signs of heat deterioration, holes, splits, cuts, wear from abrasion, or snags that reveal the core yarns
- Damaged or shattered core yarns
- Weld spatter that shows the yarn cores
- Any area of the sling that is discoloured and brittle or stiff, as these signs may indicate chemical or other damage

Although Webbing or Flat slings and Round Slings are the two most common types of synthetic slings, there are distinctions between the two that might cause confusion. If you are looking to purchase or replace an old synthetic lifting sling, please get in touch with us. We are an Australian family-owned and operated company and have worked in the lifting and rigging industry for more than 30 years always providing safe and effective round slings and lifting equipment. Visit our online store or get in touch with us today if you have any questions, and a member of our helpful team will be pleased to assist you.



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