Magnetic Lifters are high-powered magnetic devices that are used to help lift heavy objects. Technically speaking, a magnetic lifter, magnet lifter or lifting magnet, as they are often known, is a piece of lifting device used to lift objects such as steel and other metals; however, stainless steel is not magnetic due to the metal's structure.

Often, an operator places the lifting magnet over the metal application and then activates the magnet so it lifts the object. Once activated, the magnet will hold the object until the lifting process is finalised. The direct current generates an electromagnetic field that maintains an attractive force. This force is really strong but if interrupted it will drop the load. A battery can be used in this case to avoid such events from happening.

Magnetic lifters are great for handling steel plate, forgings, die castings, and similar goods in workshops, warehouses, and industrial processing facilities. However, the lifting strength varies depending on the thickness and composition of the metal object being lifted. For safety, it is recommended that the actual breakaway force should be at least 3.5 times greater than the maximum lift ratings. According to the demands of your industry, you can change the current's strength to make the lifting magnet stronger or weaker, providing excellent versatility for multiple applications.


It's crucial to keep your team safe while using magnetic lifters. By following the guidelines below, you're adding an extra layer of security.

  • Never allow anyone who isn't qualified to operate the magnetic lifters
  • Always check to make sure they're in working order
  • Aim to transfer materials with minimal or little vibration or impact, as this can cause the material to fall
  • Never move the load or the item over or close to personnel as this could cause harm or damage
  • Ensure no one will approach, stand, or pass beneath the magnet
  • Keep a close eye on the load until it has been lifted successfully
  • Never use the lifting magnet while the temperature is above 148F
  • We strongly advise having an expert to inspect  your lifting magnet on a regular basis to ensure it is in good working order

By working with specialist lifting experts, you can ensure that you are using and maintaining your lifting tools. All Lifting provides the best solutions for your lifting projects. We encourage you to contact us. If you have any further questions all about using lifting magnets, or any other lifting apparatus. 

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