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Soft shackles are fairly new in the off-road world but have been around for centuries in the marine industry and they are suitable for most 4WD vehicles. They can be used as a replacement for the steel D Shackle style, being much easier to use than standard D shackles, cheaper when you compare price with traditional steel shackles and often have more benefits than a traditional hard shackle.

The Benefits of Soft Shackles

Soft shackles are easy to transport, simple to use, and easy to manage. The best thing is that they can replace conventional D-steel shackles to provide a safer recovery where no screw pins are needed. They don't take up much room and can be stored in small boxes or bags. Due to its lightweight synthetic rope, soft shackles can give your 4WD recovery gear exceptional strength without adding additional weight or bulk. These shackles are also well used in the maritime industry, as they will float. They are also available in hi-vis colours that can be easily seen in the water.

Soft shackles have a protective sleeve that minimises wear when used with a recovery rope or snatch-strap, which is specifically designed to reduce any potential harm to your vehicle, for example. The way to use your soft shackle for 4WD recovery is by connecting a snatch strap to the shackle itself, so it can successfully recover your vehicle. If you were to use a steel shackle and a pin, or any other part of the steel fails when performing a recovery, the snatch strap which is under tension will shoot steel through the air which can cause serious injury. Even if a soft shackle snaps and strikes you by any chance, it will cause less severe damage.

Something Else to Know About Your Soft Shackles

Soft shackles are often made of dyneema rope which is considered to be highly resistant to abrasion meaning that it wont be cut when run through a rated recovery point but, if there are any nicks in a soft shackle then you should bin it straight away rather than risk using it. Some soft shackles have a sheath fitted as added protection against abrasion. 

If you need durable safety and recovery equipment for your 4WD, All Lifting offers soft shackles that have the best performance and ease to use. If you are looking to purchase either a soft shackle or any recovery gear, do not hesitate to contact us or browse our online shop today. 


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