EX801 Cat Mining Machine on Side - All Lifting

All Lifting PNG takes part in multi-million dollar mining vehicle recovery

During operations at an open cut mine in Papua New Guinea, a EX801 cat machine weighing approximately 300 tonne and valued at $12 million, slid down a cliff. Amazingly the operator of the machine walked away with only a few scratches.

EX801 Cat Mining Machine - All Lifting

Due to the steep ground angle, the rescue operation of the EX801 required the removal of a large amount of dirt before the recovery could be attempted. The recovery was a massive team effort from specialists including mine management and operations, crane operators, emergency response and All Lifting.

PNG Mine - All Lifting

After 3 weeks, and a 3 stage process to carefully secure and pull the machine to stable ground, the 300 tonne machine was finally successfully recovered and back in operation for Christmas and stage 6 of mine activity.

PNG Mining EX801 Cat Machine Accident - All Lifting

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