600 Ton Pillar Swager Talurit

by All Lifting
Price on Application
  • 600 ton pillar swager
  • Body manufactured from one single block construction
  • Strength, long service life and minimum maintenance are ensured
  • Thoroughly test run and supplied with a full tank of oil
  • Equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit
  • Easy operation with electric foot pedal
  • Use both hands while swaging


Max. Swaging Force (kN) Max. Fluid Pressure (bar) Power (kW) Rated Current at 240/400 V (A) Length of Stroke (mm) Type of Die Capacity Single Stage (t) Capacity Multi Stage (t) Piston Velocity (mm/s) High Pressure Piston Velocity (mm/s) Low Pressure Reservoir Volumer (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) H (mm) Working Height (mm) Weight (kg) Noise Level (dB A)
6000 475 11 35/21 60 D (C, C1) 34 40 2.3 9.9 165 1850 800 1870 1180 3880 75

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