Universal Chain Drum Lifter

by All Lifting
Shipping & Handling
  • Various applications for lifting large and small steel drum without lid
  • Can also be used to lift different shaped or transformed steel boxes
  • Suited for use across many industries including Agriculture, Food Manufacturing, Hospitality and Chemical sites
  • Can be used for straight lifts, side angle lifts, dumps, and double leg lifts
  • Positive lock-on rim grip for hands-free safety

Safety Note: In general uses, there may be a need to cut steel drum in half, or adequate size to use. In such case, there is no edge for the Grabs to lock on to. This means risk of Grabs slipping off. In this case, grips or edges would need to be welded or bolted on.


Part # WLL  (kg) Chain Size Dia. (mm) Chain Size Length (mm) Ring Size Dia. (mm) Ring Size Inside (mm) Ring Size Outside (mm) Total Reach (m) Weight (kg)
10DLV500 1000 6 500 13 66 93 690 3.6

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