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Parrot Beak Drum Lifter

by All Lifting
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    Our Parrot Beak Drum Lifter provides a remarkably high clamping force allowing operators to lift and transport drums even when the terrain is uneven, with no need to leave the driver's seat. And with just a few moving parts, there's no need to worry about regular maintenance or downtime for repairs.

    The Parrot Beak Drum Lifter is compatible with both steel and plastic drums and is has a zinc-plated finish for durability. Plus, with its good field of vision, operators can keep an eye on the drum they're handling all the time. That's convenience, security, and peace of mind in one easy-to-use attachment!


    • Single or dual drum lifter options available
    • A good field of vision allows the operator to continually observe the drum being handled
    • Operator does not need to leave the drivers seat
    • Unique beak design provides a high clamping force, even when driving on uneven ground
    • With few moving parts this attachment requires no down time for repairs
    • Suitable for steel or plastic drums
    • Zinc plated finish

    The BGN-1 model has been designed to lift a single drum. The BGN-2 model has been designed to lift 2 drums side by side or a single drum by either Grab Beak mechanism. A contoured rest acts at a point low enough down the drum to prevent damage to the drum and labelling

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Product Specifications

Part #No. DrumsWLL (kg)Drum Size (L)Unit Weight (kg)Load Centre (mm)Pocket Size (mm)Pocket Centres (mm)HCG (mm)VCG (mm)
18FLJBGN-111000205721210185 x 60250560130
18FLJBGN-221500205951250185 x 60600580175

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