Forklift Parrot Beak Drum Lifter

by All Lifting
Price on Application
  • Single or dual drum lifter options available
  • A good field of vision allows the operator to continually observe the drum being handled
  • Operator does not need to leave the drivers seat
  • Unique beak design provides a high clamping force, even when driving on uneven ground
  • With few moving parts this attachment requires no down time for repairs
  • Suitable for steel or plastic drums
  • Zinc plated finish

The BGN-1 model has been designed to lift a single drum. The BGN-2 model has been designed to lift 2 drums side by side or a single drum by either Grab Beak mechanism. A contoured rest acts at a point low enough down the drum to prevent damage to the drum and labelling

Part # Price Inc GST No. Drums WLL (kg) Drum Size (L) Unit Weight (kg) Load Centre (mm) Pocket Size (mm) Pocket Centres (mm) HCG (mm) VCG (mm)
18FLJBGN-1 1 1000 205 72 1210 185 x 60 250 560 130
18FLJBGN-2 2 1500 205 95 1250 185 x 60 600 580 175

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