DRW Drum Rotators

by All Lifting
Price on Application
  • Designed to lift and rotate 205 litre drums 360°
  • Ideal for long reach applications
  • Chain belly strap with an eccentric lock holds the drum firmly in position
  • Slip on attachment that only requires the connection of a safety chain for a narrow carriage forklift
  • Hot Dip galvanised finish

The DNW-NC model features a hand chain to rotate the drum via the gearbox, for controlled rotation.
The DNW-NH model features a handle to rotate via a Gearbox of the drum cradle. This ensures minimum effort for fully controlled tipping, allowing complete emptying of the drum contents.


Part # Operation WLL (kg) Drum Size (L) Unit Weight (kg) Rotation ° Load Centre (mm) Pocket Size (mm) Pocket Centre (mm) HCG (mm)
189DRW-NC Chain 500 205 140 360 1640 165 x 65 485 1100
189DRW-NH Handle 500 205 130 360 1640 165 x 65 485 1100

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